A preview of Karen Pang reading ABC the ACT

A is for Author


Angela Ball was not always a Canberran.

She was born in London, spent her childhood on the coast in Wollongong, attended university in Bathurst, and lived and worked in London, the Sunshine Coast and Sydney, before finally settling with her boys in Australia’s Capital Territory (ACT), Canberra.

Angela is a passionate professional photographer, a writer and a terrible singer. She has built a career in the marketing communications industry over the last 20 years, most of those in Canberra. With her creative streak finally saying ‘let me out’ she has written this book with her family firmly in mind. While writing for others for longer than she cares to remember, this is her first self published work.

She originally had the idea for ‘ABC the ACT’ about six years ago. After struggling to find an interesting way to teach her boys the alphabet and keep them busy with fun activities, Angela decided to combine her passion for photography, her writing expertise and a desire to discover her adopted home. The result? A fun and unique book that helps young readers learn the alphabet using real life images and contemporary language.  

The book is a visual representation of the Australian Capital Territory. It takes readers on an alphabetical journey where they move from A to B all the way to Z to discover the delights of the ACT. With more than 50 beautiful images, matched to a lively rhyme, this photo-based storybook can be enjoyed by the whole family. Read, re-read or keep as a special souvenir of Australia's national capital.

Angela Ball, author and photographer, ABC the ACT

Angela Ball, author and photographer, ABC the ACT